• Delicacy
  • 救驾烧饼
    The Rescue Shaobing

    “Jiujia Shaobing” is a kind of Chinese baked roll. “Jiujia” in Chinese means help others out of trouble. So wh..


  • 宫保鸡丁的故事
    The Story Of Kung P..

    Gong Bao chicken was a famous Chinese dish. How does the dish taste, and how did the name of it come from?


  • 春卷的由来
    The Story Of Spring..

    Spring roll is a delicious Chinese dish that has a touching story behind it. Back in the Spring and Autumn Per..


  • 麻婆豆腐的故事
    The Story Of Mapo T..

    Mapo Tofu, an all-time favorite dish for Chinese and Foreigners, was invented by a girl in Sichuan Province. L..


  • 海南鸡饭
    Hainanese Chicken R..

    If you go to Singapore, Singaporeans would sincerely recommend you to try the Hainan Chicken rice. Hainan Chic..


  • 龙井茶的传说
    The Legend of Longj..

    There was a kind-hearted old lady who lived in the Longjin Mountain. Let’s read how her kindness brought us th..


  • People
  • 怕妻子的皇帝
    The Wife-Fearing Em..

    Emperor Wen of Sui was a unique emperor throughout Chinese history. Other emperors all had several wives, but ..


  • 曾子杀猪
    Zengzi Butchered Th..

    Before she left for the market, Zenzi’s wife promised her son to kill the pig and make a delicious dish out of..


  • 没有礼貌的季子
    The Ill-mannered Ji..

    Jizi was a man of ancient China. He was very rich but with bad manner. One day he saw a piece of gold in the r..


  • 有钱人求穷人
    The Rich Begging Th..

    In ancient China, there was a poor man called Song Lingzi. He had a friend, Marquis Wen of Wei, who was very r..


  • 岳飞的刺青
    Yue Fei’s Tattoo

    Yue Fei was an important general in Chinese history. The day before Yue Fei joined the army, his mother, in or..


  • 大象的重量
    The Weight Of An El..

    Once upon a time, there was a king who named Cao Cao. One day, a guest sent Cao Cao an elephant as a gift...


  • Love
  • 少一个“亿”
    The Missing Hundred..

    The story of how Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun met and fell in love with each is very beautiful. Sima Xiangru w..


  • 西厢记
    The West Chamber

    The West Chamber is a famous novel in ancient China. It's the love story between a beautiful and rich lady and..


  • Travel
  • 兰屿的拼板舟
    The Canoe Of Lanyu

    Pinbanzhou is a traditional boat, and it’s also a feature in Lanyu. But there’s a story behind this specialty ..


  • 飞鱼的神话
    The Myth Of Flying ..

    Have you been to Orchid Island? There are 2 major features on this island, one is flying fish and the other is..


  • 九寨沟的故事
    The story of Jiuzha..

    People say that the beauty of “Jiuzhaigou” can only be seen in heaven and that once you have seen the water in..


  • 香港地名的传说
    The Legend of Hong..

    Hong Kong is a busy metropolis all around the world. But where does the name “Hong Kong” come from? Let's read..


  • 日月潭的传说
    The Legend o传说f Sun..

    Sun Moon Lake is a renowned tourist spot in Taiwan. People are attracted both by its beautiful scenery and its..


  • Idiom
  • 入木三分
    Wang Xizhi And His ..

    Wang Xizhi was a renowned calligrapher in Chinese history. He was famous for his perseverance and effort on pr..


  • 半途而废
    Give Up Halfway

    Yue Yangzi’s wife was a very persuasive woman. Although she had never been to a formal school, she had a high ..


  • 掩耳盗铃
    Covering One‘s Ears..

    Covering ones ears while stealing a bell is a prevailing saying in Chinese which describe a fool thought he co..


  • 杞人忧天
    The Alarmist

    There was an unrest man in ancient China, and he became really concerned with the possibility of the sky might..


  • 愚公移山
    Yu Gong Moving Moun..

    Yu Gong was a persistent man who wouldn’t give up easily. So what happened when he encountered an obstacle? Le..


  • 陈强的愿望
    Chen Qiang's Wish

    As Chen Qiang, a temporary employee in the government, walking down the street, he suddenly realized that he h..


  • Inspirational story
  • 最好的安排
    The Best Arrangemen..

    Once upon a time, there was a king who broke his leg while he was hunting. Everybody was very sorry about that..


  • 有用处和没用处
    Useful And Useless

    One day, Zhuangzi, a widely know Chinese philosopher in China, went to his friends house. He saw a worker chop..


  • 鱼快乐吗
    Is Fish Happy

    Zhuangzi was a widely known philosopher in Ancient China. One day he hanged out with his friend Huizi and they..


  • 三个和尚喝水
    Three Monks Drink W..

    There was a little monk who lived in a small temple by himself, and one day a tall monk moved into the temple...


  • 空花盆
    Empty Flower Pot

    There was an old king who didn’t children of his own, so he wanted to find someone to be the king in the futur..


  • 买神仙
    Buying God

    A rich man wants to spend money to be a god, but after the task the god sends him to do, he changes his mind. ..


  • Festival/others
  • 写不完的万字
    The Limitless Chara..

    Once upon a time, there was a rich man who was called Zhang Xi. He has almost everything that could buy with m..


  • 筷子的故事
    The Story of Chopst..

    Have you used chopsticks before? Read this issue and get to know one of the legends on chopsticks.


  • 中秋节的传说
    The Mid-Autumn Fest..

    Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Chinese communities. This festival originates from a lo..


  • 跟着大象找水
    Follow the Elephant..

    A resourceful village chief has saved the entire village by observing elephants. Let's read together and learn..


  • 国王射箭真厉害..
    The King’s Great Ar..

    There was a king who loved archery very much, and he also liked when people complimented him on that. So what ..


  • 卖木炭的老人
    Old Man Who Sells C..

    There was an old man who lived alone strived to make a living by selling charcoal in the market. One day, a ba..